Boost your child’s vocabulary!

How to boost your child's vocabulary!

If you are wondering how you can help to boost your child’s vocabulary, then have a read of our ideas and suggestions!

1. Read as much as possible!

2. When new words arise, talk to your children about what they think they might mean and then look them up together in the dictionary. Chat to them about how they could use the word in a sentence and, where possible, set them a challenge to use the word with the next person they see!

3. Mrs. Wordsmith. A fantastic way to learn new words and for children to actually remember them!

4. ‘Descriptosaurus’ by Alison Wilcox. This book is excellent at teaching new words and phrases for your children to use in their writing.

5. Apps. There are loads of great vocabulary building apps out there so find the one that suits your child.

6. Smart Chute Vocabulary Cards. You post the card into the smart chute and it flips it over to show the answer. It is SO simple (we wish we had invented it), but kids love it! You can also buy other English and Maths cards for it.

7. Get your child to make their own flashcards with the word on one side and the definition on the other. Making them will mean they are more likely to remember them.