What are the 9+ Examinations?

The 9+ exam is the assessment used by various independent schools for entry into Year 5.

Which Schools use the 9+ Examination?

Some schools may have places available for entry in Year 5, but the schools that offer the 9+ examination in London include:

Alleyn’s Junior School

Dulwich College

Ibstock Place Prep School

King’s College Junior School

What is tested?

Primarily at 9+ entry, schools test in English and maths with some schools choosing to have a reasoning paper as well including verbal reasoning and/or non-verbal reasoning. Having said this, the content of assessment varies from school to school so it is best to check with each school to find out what will be tested.


When do the examinations take place?

The examinations usually take place at the start of the Spring term in Year 4 for entry into Year 5 the following September.


How can Bright Light Education help?

The process of the 9+ examination can be extremely competitive in London so a tutor can help to boost confidence in areas where your child needs support, as well as practise papers together to ensure they go into the exam feeling prepared.

Past Papers Marking Service

At Bright Light Education, we have worked hard to create detailed and accurate answer schemes for many of the schools’ English and maths papers, and consequently we are able to offer a marking service for 9+ papers. With English papers, as well as marking the paper in detail, we give personal feedback for how the child can improve their comprehension and creative writing skills. With maths papers, we are able to show methods for incorrect answers, as well as suggesting topics for further revision.

Marking English Paper (comprehension and creative writing): £30

Marking Maths Paper: £20

If you would like your paper marked, please contact us to arrange it. Please note that your paper will be marked by a qualified teacher who is highly experienced at marking Entrance Examination papers. We will not use the schools’ marking schemes (as these are usually not made available) but we will mark them using our own answer schemes, which we hope are closely aligned with the school answers. This is particularly the case for English papers, where some answers can be slightly subjective.

Click here for more information regarding the marking service.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Many schools publish their past papers which are freely available to download. We have provided links to many of these papers below. Occasionally, schools update their websites and so please contact us if the link no longer works, or you cannot find what you are looking for.

9+ Mathematics