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 Why choose our courses?


  • Bright Light Education are leading the tutoring industry in creating effective, inspiring and successful courses for children.
  • Our courses are created by qualified and experienced teachers, with specialisms ranging from phonics through to the 11+ examinations.
  • Our courses are delivered by qualified and experienced teachers, passionate about supporting children.
  • Our courses are online, allowing children from all over the world to access them.
  • Our courses are in small groups, as we strongly believe in the importance of creating a perfect balance between sharing ideas together and allowing for individual attention.
  • Our courses are fully interactive, to ensure children are engaged and learning throughout.
  • Our courses include homework, which is individually marked with constructive feedback.
  • Our courses include a pre-recorded video for any child who misses a class.
  • Our courses are monitored and evaluated; we ensure our clients are happy throughout the duration of the course.
  • We are proud to offer free courses, when available, to children in England eligible for Free School Meals (see further details below).
spring term courses 2024

Which course is suitable for my child?


All our courses are listed below. Whilst it is not essential that you follow any order, we have listed them in the order that we recommend.

Most of our families remain with us long-term, working through our wonderful list of inspiring courses!

Our timetables are subject to change, but here is the current plan for the academic year 2024 – 2025.

Years 2-3 Creative Writing Club: Smashing Story Skills

This 12-week course is perfect for children embarking on their creative writing journey!

In the first 6-weeks of the club, the children focus on developing their vocabulary and writing skills. Topics in this course include colour adjectives, appearance adjectives, feelings and senses, weather descriptions and how to include these skills to develop a story. In the second 6-weeks of the club, the children focus on writing for different purposes, using Hotel Flamingo by Alex Milway to support their learning. Topics include letter writing, persuasive writing, diary writing, information texts, comic strips and writing a newspaper article.

£360 (£30 per 1 hour lesson). Ages 6-8 years.

Years 2-3 Creative Writing Club: Imaginative Ideas

This 12-week club focuses on the wonderful device, “Show Don’t Tell” to describe emotions, the weather and settings. Each week, the children will add to their “Ideas Book”, learning how to create descriptive sentences based on a theme, using ambitious vocabulary and figurative language to strengthen the imagery in their writing. The children will practise creating similes, metaphors, personification, hyperbole, alliteration and onomatopoeia as well as practising how to develop their sentence structures through powerful adjectives, adverbs and verbs. 

£360 (£30 per 1 hour lesson). Ages 6-8 years.

Years 2-3 Creative Writing Club: Superhero Storytellers

This 12-week club focuses on plot writing. Without a plot, there is no story. Through the wonderful theme of superheroes, the children will learn how to write an exciting and gripping storyline. Who will their superhero be? How did they develop powers? Do they have a weakness? What happens when a terrible crime is committed in the city by their arch-enemy? The children will learn the challenging but immensely fun skill of comic writing within some of the lessons to help them develop a detailed plot, alongside writing their full length superhero short story.

£360 (£30 per 1 hour lesson). Ages 6-8 years.

Years 2-3 Cracking Comprehension Club

This 12-week club focuses on developing children’s reading skills and teaching children how to understand and analyse a piece of text. Reading is not just about being able to decode words on a page. Developing a child’s comprehension skills enables them to make connectives, draw inferences and evaluate information. It encourages children to appreciate the written word, giving them further inspiration to develop their own writing skills. Within the course, children will be exposed to a range of texts and will be taught how to respond to different questions based on the text. They will also develop their creative writing skills, using the comprehension text as a prompt for a writing idea.

£360 (£30 per 1 hour lesson). Ages 6-8 years.

Years 2-3 Creative Writing Club: Aspiring Authors

In this 12-week course, children learn to write their very own adventure story. Whilst reading Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure each week, the children learn how to write character and setting descriptions using skills and techniques such as figurative language, senses, ambitious vocabulary and Show Don’t Tell. They also learn how to map out and plan a story from beginning to end, ensuring a clear storyline.

£360 (£30 per 1 hour lesson). Ages 6-8 years.

Years 4-6 Creative Writing Course: Core Skills and Story Writing Course (11+)

This 12 week course is perfect for 8-11 year olds who want to improve their writing skills. Within this course, our Creative Writing Skills book is used.

In the first six sessions, we focus on learning different skills or techniques, including mastering figurative language, using the Show Don’t Tell technique, and learning how to build suspense effectively.In the second six sessions, we focus on learning how to structure a story, including describing the character and setting, as well as learning how to create a powerful story starter and first paragraph.

£540 (£45 per 1.5 hour lesson). Ages 8-11 years.


Years 4-6 Creative Writing Course: Writing for Different Purposes (11+)

This 12 week course is perfect for 8-11 year olds, specifically focusing on writing for different purposes and tackling non-fiction tasks.

Alongside the course, the children will read “The Boy at the Back of the Class.” Each week, the children will practice a different style of writing. This includes: recount writing; playscript; discursive writing; autobiographical writing; writing the next chapter; formal persuasive letter writing; descriptive writing; newspaper report writing; ending the story; book analysis and writing a story.

We recommend children have completed our Core Skills and Story Writing Course before this course, although it is not essential.

£540 (£45 per 1.5 hour lesson). Ages 8-11 years.

Years 4-6 Creative Writing Course: Creative Writing Tasks (11+)

This 12 week course is perfect for 8-11 year olds who want to improve their writing skills, specifically focusing on tackling 11+ creative writing tasks.

Each week, the children focus on responding to an 11+ creative writing task within the lesson.  The children will re-cap vital creative writing skills, including improving grammar and vocabulary as well as using effective language devices. 

We recommend children have completed our Core Skills and Story Writing Course before this course, although it is not essential.

£540 (£45 per 1.5 hour lesson). Ages 8-11 years.

Years 4-6 Comprehension Course (11+)

This 12 week course is perfect for 8-11 year olds who want to improve their comprehension skills.

Within this course, children learn the skills needed in order to respond to comprehension papers. This includes: 
– An Introduction to Comprehension (2 weeks)
– Character Analysis (2 weeks)
– Evaluation Questions Part 1 (2 weeks)
– Evaluation Questions Part 2 (2 weeks)
– Poetry (2 weeks)
– Summary (2 weeks)

£420 (£35 per 1 hour lesson). Ages 8-11 years.

Years 4-6 11+ Interview Workshop

11+ Interview Workshop
– Online 1.5 hour workshop for any child wishing to prepare for an 11+ interview as part of a school entrance examination.
– 6 children in the group.

£48. Ages 8-11 years.

Years 4-6 11+ Mock Interview

11+ Mock Interview
– Online twenty minute 1:1 mock interview.
– It is recommended to take this after the Interview Practice Workshop.
– After the interview, written detailed feedback will be sent via email.

£54. Ages 8-11 years.

Daytime English Skills Classes

We run daytime English classes throughout the year for homeschooled children. They are also popular for children in Asia, who can access the classes as an after-school English lesson. Our courses cover creative writing, comprehension, spelling, punctuation and grammar, loosely following the national curriculum for each age group.

English Skills 1 – Year 3 (7-8 year olds)
English Skills 2 – Year 4 (8-9 year olds)
English Skills 3 – Year 5 (9-10 year olds)
English Skills 4 – Year 6 (10-11 year olds)
English Skills 5 – Year 7 (11-12 year olds)
English Skills 6 – Year 8 (12-13 year olds)

Children from Disadvantaged Backgrounds

Free Spaces for children from disadvantaged backgrounds

Is your Years 4-6 child eligible for free school meals (FSM) and as a result, their school in receipt of pupil premium funding? This only applies to children at schools in England. If so, we would love for your child to attend our Igniting Writing Course. We work with volunteer tutors to deliver a limited number of courses for free, specifically for children on Free School Meals. 

“My daughter absolutely loves her creative writing lessons. It’s something she is very passionate about and does like to sit down to finish her stories straight after the lessons, making sure it’s interesting, she has incorporated the new techniques, phrases they have learnt about and she really enjoys going back to her work the day after to edit and improve it.”


“Safe hands for your primary school aged child, especially when it comes to 11+ tutoring and KS2 English courses.”

The Good Schools Guide

“I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am at the progress my son is making with his writing doing your course. This week he had to complete a piece of writing for school and sat down to it without any meltdown, no fuss and wrote a great piece using all the skills you have taught and was very excited with the result – reading me out various descriptive sentences.”


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