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What is the Future Stories Community Enterprise?

What is the Future Stories Community Enterprise?

The Future Stories Community Enterprise (FSCE) was established in early 2022 and their aim is to make grammar school entrance examinations both rigorous and yet accessible to all children, including disadvantaged and visually impaired children. The exam is entirely paper based.


What is tested?

The test, which only uses content from the year 5 curriculum, covers:

  1. English

Within the English section of the paper, there are verbal reasoning style questions including ‘opposites’, ‘synonyms’, ‘missing letters’, as well as multiple choice comprehension questions. For the comprehension section, children are given a text, which could be fiction or non-fiction, and asked to answer multiple choice style questions. There is also a multiple choice vocabulary section where children are asked the meaning of certain words.

  1. Maths

Within the maths section, content from the KS2 National Curriculum (up to and including Year 5) is tested using both multiple choice and written style answers. Working out marks are not awarded.

  1. Creative writing

With the creative writing section, children are given a prompt which they will use to write a piece of creative writing. There is 5 minutes for children to plan their answer before starting to write their answer, but the plan is not marked.


How is the test administered?

The FSCE exam is a paper-based test and children are given one question booklet and one answer sheet for each of the subjects. Answers must only be on the answer sheet.

Instructions, including page numbers, section names, example questions and timings, are read out via a voice recording but many can also be found within the question booklet.


Which schools use the Future Stories examination?

Chelmsford County High School for Girls

Colyton Grammar School

Reading School


Are there any past papers for the Future Stories exam?

There are no past papers, but FSCE provides familiarisation materials HERE.


How can Bright Light Education help prepare children for the FSCE exam?

  • We run Creative Writing Courses to support and encourage children with their creative writing skills. Head to our Upcoming Courses page HERE.
  • Our Creative Writing Skills book is an Amazon Best Seller! Get your copy HERE!
  • And, don’t forget, we offer a marking service, so if you’d like to get your child’s work marked, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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