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Tutoring with Bright Light Education

Here is some information regarding our Tutor Referral Agency. Within our agency, tutors can deliver online and/or face-to-face 1:1 tutoring. Bright Light Education acts as agents on behalf of a tutor and introduces a tutor to a client. 

Who we are:

Bright Light Education UK LLP is a private tutoring business run by business partners, Charlotte and Dani, which provides tutoring to school children in maths and English, as well as preparing children for the 11+ examinations.

As a business, we look for tutors who are organised, efficient and dedicated to providing the best possible tuition to our clients.  Accordingly, we only work with tutors who we believe can maintain our expected high level of service. All tutors must be qualified teachers with at least 2 years’ teaching experience.

Our ethos:

We are professional in our attitude towards teaching and learning. We are dedicated to ensuring that all pupils who are tutored are given enthusiastic and tailored support. We look for tutors who understand that children learn in different ways (and at different speeds) and create stimulating and effective lessons for every pupil. We look for tutors who adapt lessons for those learners with special educational needs and disabilities as well as those considered ‘gifted and talented’.

1:1 Tuition

Why choose us?

We are a group of teachers who strive to deliver a personal, approachable and fantastic service. At the heart of Bright Light Education is a passion for giving children confidence and providing stimulating and engaging lessons. Here are some reasons why tutors choose us:

  • We refer clients to our available tutors, allowing tutors to sit back, relax and let the work come to them.
  • Tutors have flexibility of their own hourly rate. Essentially, they choose how much they want to charge.
  • We do not employ our tutors, so tutors have the benefit of being self-employed.
  • Tutors are able to set their own schedule and teach when it works for them.
  • Unlike other tutoring companies, there is no joining fee.
The Access Project

Where we work:

While the company operates in London and many of our face-to-face clients are based here too, we have tutors that teach from all over the country. Online tutoring has enabled tutors to teach children based overseas as well. 

The Access Project

Teaching subjects

We are particularly looking for tutors who are experienced in teaching one or more of the following:

  • Reception – Year 6 English (phonics, reading, comprehension, writing, grammar, spelling etc). 
  • Reception – Year 6 Maths
  • 11+ preparation
Creative Writing Courses

Teaching resources and planning:

As a qualified teacher, we trust that our tutors have the knowledge and expertise to plan and deliver lessons confidently to the clients. Our role as a company is to pass on work to the tutor; we are a “Tutor Referral Agency”. The tutor is expected to create their own resources and to schedule in lessons directly with the client. 

11+ Interview Workshop

Tutor Requirements

To become a tutor with Bright Light Education, we require you:

  • To have the right to work in the UK as self-employed.
  • To be a qualified teacher with Qualified Teacher Status, with 2 years’ teaching experience desirable. 
  • To hold an Enhanced DBS Certificate and be on the DBS Update Service. We can arrange your DBS Certificate if necessary.
  • To complete our Sign-Up Process.
Bright Light Education

Supporting Children from Disadvantaged Backgrounds

In recognising the positive impact that tutoring can have on academic attainment, we are committed to supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds, with their education and academic attainment. To read more about the work we do, visit our webpage, “Supporting Children from Disadvantaged Backgrounds”

To find out more specifically about how you as a tutor can help, visit our tutor page, “How Tutors can Support Disadvantaged Children”.

Supporting Disadvantaged Children

How to Apply?

To apply, please contact us and request our Tutor Role Description.

“I joined Bright Light Education after ending my maternity leave and deciding not to go back to full time teaching. I was nervous to take this step and BLE made this step effortless and easy. They made me feel part of a team and were able to find me clients immediately! Charlotte and Dani were both there at the end of the phone whenever I had any questions. They have always been so helpful and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to become a tutor! 10/10 for professionalism and an excellent service! Thank you for helping me get started with my tutoring, I will always be so grateful to BLE!”


“Charlotte and Dani are highly competent, knowledgeable, compassionate and efficient professionals. As a tutor I feel supported by BLE, which helps me deliver a better service to my students. A love of education permeates BLE: high standards, quest and creativity. As a tutor, it is a pleasure and a privilege to teach their courses and see enthused faces on the screen. Online teaching is not easy, but BLE’s high-quality materials and enthusiasm make it a success! BLE is an environment where ongoing professional development is encouraged, and this makes the job engaging. As a teacher, I know Dani and Charlotte love teaching and care deeply about the individual needs of children, and their enthusiasm is infectious.”


“I love working for bright light education. The team and so supportive and caring. Their passion for delivering high quality education for ever child is unmatched. I highly recommend BLE to everyone.” 


“I like the way in which Charlotte and Dani manage, oh so fantastically, to strike a balance between being super professional and being very warm, approachable and friendly. Additionally, they are very supportive and helpful and keep you fully ‘in the loop’ with information and details relating to the children, the parents and the teaching materials. Finally, through Bright Light Education, I have been able to both tutor 1-2-1 and deliver on-line courses. I really appreciate having both options.” 


Get In Touch

Telephone: +44 7774 102624


Hours: M-F: 9am – 5pm