Tutoring with Bright Light Education Ltd.

Who we are:

Bright Light Education Ltd is a private tutoring business run by Charlotte and Danielle who tutor primary school children in maths and English, as well as preparing children for the 11+ examinations. We are a small company dedicated to providing the best possible tutoring to our clients.  We are primarily primary school teachers who are organised, efficient and strive for perfection! We, therefore, care hugely about who we take on as tutors to maintain the expected high level of service. Tutors must therefore:


  • Be a qualified teacher with at least 2 years teaching experience (unless agreed otherwise);
  • Have a DBS check (we will talk directly to you about how to do this);
  • Meet or chat with one of the Directors for an informal interview; a chance for you to ask us questions and discuss what you are looking for too.


Our ethos:

We are professional in our attitude towards teaching and learning. We are fully dedicated to ensuring that each student who we tutor is given the appropriate and necessary support. We understand that children learn in different ways (and at different speeds) and we pride ourselves on creating stimulating and effective lessons for each and every learner. We adapt our lessons for those learners with special educational needs as well as those considered ‘gifted and talented’.


Why choose us?

We are unlike big tutoring agencies and glad of it! Being a nice, small company, we have a personal quality. We are essentially a close-knit group of teachers who like to deliver a personal, approachable and fantastic service. At the heart of Bright Light Education is a passion for giving children confidence and providing stimulating and engaging lessons. Here are some reasons why tutors choose us:

  • We refer clients who contact us for tutoring to our available tutors, allowing tutors to sit back, relax and let the work come to them.
  • Tutors have flexibility of their own hourly rate. Essentially, they choose how much they want to charge.
  • We do not employ our tutors, so the tutors have the benefit of being self-employed.
  • Tutors have access to our Facebook community where they can ask questions and share ideas and resources with other like-minded teachers who tutor through Bright Light Education.
  • Tutors are able to set their own schedule and teach when it works for them.
  • Unlike other tutoring companies, there is no joining fee.

For all this, we only take 20% of your fee per tutored hour. For example, if you choose to charge £50/hr, then you will receive £40/hr (subject to annual review).


Your role:

If you would like to join as a tutor, your photo will be added to our website and when we receive enquiries for tutors in your area we will pass on your details.  You are not employed by Bright Light Education Ltd and you are responsible for your own tutoring sessions. You are still allowed to tutor other people who you find independently from Bright Light Education Ltd.



We ask that you agree to and sign a simple Contract and Code of Conduct, which lays out the terms of the relationship. This contract includes similar information to the content of this letter.


Non-Disclosure Agreement:

It is possible that we will share private information about our company with you, as well as any future plans. Therefore, we ask that you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Good practice / Trust

As I am sure you can understand, we have invested a lot in our company and our reputation is of paramount importance. We are therefore very cautious about inviting people to join us and only work with other teachers who we feel share the same values as us in terms of teaching practices. If at any stage, you feel you do not agree with our methods and values, please let us know.


We look forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes,

Charlotte and Danielle, Directors of Bright Light Education Ltd.