The Tiffin Girls’ School

The Tiffin Girls’ School is a state grammar school and one of the top state schools in the country.

It describes itself as “a vibrant and happy community where the girls take centre stage”.

It has great facilities, including 7 netball courts and 8 tennis courts.

Some of its extra-curricular activities include a Young Enterprise Company Programme in which students gain the chance to set up and run their own real company.


Address: Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 5PL
Website: http://www.tiffingirls.kingston.sch.uk
Inspector’s Report: http://www.tiffingirls.kingston.sch.uk/Our-School/Key-Documents/Ofsted-Report.aspx
Type of School: Girls Grammar school for girls aged 11 – 18.
Results: In 2015, at A Level, 75% of entries were awarded A* or A.
In 2015, at GCSE, 91.5% of all results were A* or A.
Entrance Exam: English and Maths. See http://www.tiffingirls.kingston.sch.uk/getattachment/d2766e62-7bba-4f9f-8260-2fbfab408695/FAQs.aspx for guidance.
Fees: n/a
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