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Starting School Books

We’ve compiled a list of books for supporting children who are starting school in September.
If you have read others which you recommend, please let us know so we can read it and add to our list!


Going to School by Rose Blake

This reassuring introduction to starting school has some wonderful, bright and inviting artwork and a perfect story to read for those about to begin school. Follow the little girl into school and join everything she does. Meet her classmates and try to spot what each friend is up to in every lesson throughout the book. As they get to know each character, children can try and guess what each child wants to be when they grow up.

Going to School

I have to start at school today by Simon Philip

It cans be scary starting a new school but this book is sure to calm those nerves. There is worries when there is a cross rhino and a bear that won’t share, but luckily Grandma is there to reassure that things might actually be ok! A beautifully funny, but reassuring book brought to life by expressive illustrations.

I have to start at school today

Harry and the Dinosaurs go to school by Ian Whybrow

It’s Harry’s first day at school but when his dinosaurs can’t join him in the classroom he gets very worried. Luckily, a new friend soon shows him that everything will be good fun. A perfect book for any Harry fans!

Harry and the Dinosaurs

King of the Classroom by Derrick Barnes and Vanessa Brantley-Newton

It’s the first day at school for one little boy, and his mum and dad are determined that he be excited and happy about it.

This wonderfully empowering picture book for little ones not only relays any fears about starting school but also brings about  a celebratory approach to the big day with an upbeat story about being confident.


King of the Classroom

I am too absolutely small for school by Lauren Child

Another classic Charlie and Lola story about starting school from Lauren Child.

Charlie’s little sister Lola is nearly big enough to go to school, but Lola is not so sure. She thinks it might be useful to read and write and count, but she doesn’t really have time for lessons – she’s much too busy doing extremely important things at home.


I am too absolutely to small for school

Another Janet and Allan Ahlberg classic! Although dated, it goes through, in detail, all the things that you might do at school. From first day nerves to finding your peg. A beautifully illustrated picture book which explains the exciting adventures school promises to bring.


Starting School

Starting School by Roderick Hunt, Annmarie Young, et al.

Oxford Reading Tree’s much-loved character Kipper is starting school! From finding his peg to painting a picture and making friends, a lot happens to Kipper on his first day. A perfect introduction to soon-to-be-familiar characters that your child will be bound to meet at school. There is advice for parents and carers at the end of the book and a fun activity to talk about and share with your child too.


Starting School

Starting School Sticker Book by Usborne

A fun way to familiarise young children with all the things they will need to know and be able to do when they start school. Following a typical day at school, children will enjoy using the stickers to help the characters in the book get dressed, pack bags, hang up coats, change for PE, and participate in art class, lunchtime, playtime, story time and home time. A lovely activity book sure to keep your little one busy.


Starting School Sticker Book

Lots of things to spot at school by Usborne

A fun activity book for your school starter. There are characters to spot, puzzles, games, stickers and lots of things to talk about in this bright, busy, look-and-talk book packed with scenes to explore.


Lots of things to spot at school

Stuff to know when you start school by Dorling Kindersley

Learn all the super-important life skills you need to become a big boy or girl with this ultimate guide to starting school.

Stuff to Know When You Start School is there to help guide you along the way by teaching you the skills you need to look after yourself, get on with others, and be ready to go on your first day of school. It will be sure to encourage excitement about those first days!


Stuff to know when you start school

Topsy and Tim Start School by Jean Adamson

Topsy and Tim Start School is a perfect, reassuring picture book for children who are just about to start school. Along with favourite characters Topsy and Tim, children will learn what to expect in lessons, in the playground and, more importantly, that school can be fun! 


Topsy and Tim start school

Never Take a Bear to School by by Mark Sperring and Britta Teckentrup

Bears do not belong at school. They are clumsy, too big and don’t sit still! But how will this little boy manage his first day at school without his bear? A beautifully funny story that will reassure every child who is anxious about starting school.


Never take a bear to school

The Colour Monster Goes to School by Anna Llenas

Follow The Colour Monster on a brand new adventure, as he navigates his way through his first day at school! Anna Llenas’s popular Colour Monster is back, and this time he’s heading off to school! But what exactly is school? A spooky castle filled with terrifying animals? A place in the sky, amongst the rainbows and clouds? From music lessons, to lunchtime, to making new friends, the Colour Monster’s first day of school is filled with exciting new adventures.


The colour monster goes to school

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