Six ways to support writers with dyslexia

Six Ways to Support Writers with Dyslexia

Did you know that many children with dyslexia are highly creative. At the RCA – the world’s number one art and design university – 29% of current students identify themselves as dyslexic, compared to 5-10% of the overall population. Here are some tips to support children with creative writing.

1. Encourage Emotional Engagement

Children who are dyslexic may be excellent story-tellers. Talk through the story together, so that your child sees the story clearly in their imagination. Help your child to feel excited about the story before they start writing.

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2. Small Manageable Chunks

Encourage your child to write one paragraph at a time. Writing a whole story can be overwhelming so try planning the story together and then writing one section at a time. Take a break if your child seems tired and come back to it later.

3. Focus on the Story!

Don’t worry about spelling and grammar for now; that can be tackled separately. Focus on writing an exciting story, thinking about the plot and the characters!

4. Allow Typing

Typing the story can take the pressure off handwriting. Typing can also make editing an easier process. If your child can learn to touch-type, even better! There are dyslexia-friendly fonts as well which you can download for your child.

5. Colour and Illustrations

If your child enjoys sketching, allow them to add colourful illustrations alongside their writing. Drawing the characters and setting can help a child to add description to their story.

6. Give lots of Praise!

Creative writing can be a daunting process. It is essential to encourage your child throughout the journey to keep them feeling inspired! Congratulate them when they reach the end!

How can Bright Light Education help?

Our book, Creative Writing Skills, is ideal to help all children in KS2 and KS3 with their creative writing. It breaks the skills and techniques down into manageable chunks and allows them to easily practise what they have learned.


Bright Light Education are specialists in supporting all children with creative writing, whether it be through one of our online courses outlined below, or through our Tutor Referral Agency where we can find a tutor to suit your child.

Year 2 Creative Writing Club

Year 3 Creative Writing Club

Core Skills and Story Writing (years 4-6)

Writing for Different Purposes (years 4-6)


“Our son has dyslexia and has benefited greatly from Bright Light Education’s individualised approach to learning. I’m sure that their input has been a major contributor to his improved grades.” Catherine (parent)

Creative Writing Skills
Year 3 Creative Writing Club