Queen’s College London

Queen’s College occupies four large houses on Harley Street.

It describes itself as academically selective, but not narrowly so, and places very great importance on the nurture and development of the talents of each individual girl.

They have a well-equipped gym on site but also take advantage of Regent’s Park and external leisure centres.


Address: 43-49 Harley Street, London W1G 8BT
Website: http://www.qcl.org.uk/
Inspector’s Report: http://www.isi.net/schools/6815/
Type of School: Independent day school for girls aged 11 – 18.
Results: In 2015, at A Level, 46.6% of entries were awarded A* or A.
In 2015, at GCSE, 74% of all results were A* or A.
Entrance Exam: English, Maths. See http://www.qcl.org.uk/admissions/admissions-11.php for guidance.The school is a member of the North London Girls’ School’s Consortium (Group 1)
Fees:  £5,620 a term (2015-16)
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