Phonics for Parents

Phonics for Parents Workshop


Our ‘Phonics for Parents’ workshop is for any parents or carers who are interested in learning about phonics and how to help your child read and write.

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This one-off online session helps parents and carers to understand what phonics is and learn some key terms. It shows you how you can help your child with their phonics at home in reading and writing. It helps you to understand how you can help your child with their handwriting.

The workshop is 1 hour long and takes place over Zoom. The workshop will be delivered by a qualified primary school teacher.


“I have just attended the virtual ‘Phonics for Parents’ workshop, and I would highly recommend it for anyone with a child starting school soon, or currently in reception or year 1. The presenter Dani was extremely knowledgeable and very clear at explaining what phonics are, how they work and how to support your child’s learning. I wouldn’t have had a clue if I had not attended this workshop and feel so much more prepared now to help my son when he starts school in September. Thank you!” (Charlotte)


“Attending the virtual ‘Phonics for parents’ workshop has been eye opening. I would highly recommend it to any parent whose child is about to start school to understand how spelling and reading will be taught. Dani, the course leader, provided so many insights that will help me especially as a non native speaker to support my daughter. Great investment of my time. Thanks!” (Anja)


“The workshop was very helpful as I didn’t know what phonics was at all, it was totally different from how I learned English as a child. I’m so glad I have learned it now, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to help my son with his school work.” (Kaori)


“The workshop not only helped us understand phonics, it also gave us advice on how and what we can do to help our children enjoy studying at home.” (Ayako)


“The ‘Phonics for Parents’ workshop was absolutely an eye-opener! Until yesterday, phonics had looked like a mysterious monster to me, but the workshop absolutely blew my mind. Today I already see the English language in a different way with more confidence. I realised that Phonics was a simple and fairly new learning system, which was even interesting. I will highly recommend the workshop especially to someone a non-native English speaker like me, who never learned Phonics in school.” (Akiko)