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Creative Writing: Core Skills and Story Writing

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The 12-week Creative Writing Course has been specially designed for Years 4-6 children, including those taking the 11+ exams. The aim of the course is to build and feed your child’s love of creative writing. It seeks to inspire and encourage a love of writing and will be fun-filled but with hard work along the way! Suitable for children aged 8-11 years.

The course uses our Creative Writing Book which must be purchased directly by the client through Amazon.

“My 9 year old absolutely loved your creative writing course. Every week she built on her existing skills, she was challenged (in a good way!) and the feedback was encouraging and useful. The tutor was super friendly and the course has really helped to grow her confidence and given her the skills to write with greater depth. Thank you!” (parent)

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The 12-week Creative Writing Course has been specially designed for Years 4-6 children, including those taking the 11+ exams. Your child must be in Years 4-6 (or the equivalent if outside the UK). The aim of the course is to build and feed your child's love of creative writing. It seeks to inspire and encourage a love of writing and will be fun-filled but with hard work along the way!

Creative Writing Course Details:
In the first six sessions, we focus on learning different skills or techniques, including mastering figurative language, using the Show Don’t Tell technique, and learning how to build suspense effectively.

In the second six sessions, we focus on learning how to structure a story, including describing the character and setting, as well as learning how to create a powerful story starter and first paragraph.

General Details:

  • Each session is for 1.5 hours.
  • There will be a maximum of 8 children per class.
  • The course is led by a highly experienced teacher.
  • It takes place online.
  • Fully interactive with homework set and in-depth marking.
  • Our Creative Writing Skills book is used during the course to accompany the sessions and must be bought directly by the client through Amazon.
  • £540 (Equivalent to £30 per hour, plus in-depth marking of homework)
  • Please choose to pay via PayPal at the checkout if you would like to pay in instalments.
  • Once booked, places are non-refundable as stated in our Terms and Conditions.
  • We have a specific waiting list for children who are eligible for free-school meals. If we have spaces on a course, these children will be offered a free space. Contact us if you would like to join this waiting list.
  • We engage with self-employed tutors to run our courses on behalf of our business. The tutors running our courses are qualified teachers with exemplary references. The tutors will communicate directly with the clients regarding how they will carry out their service to you, including any details regarding homework. All course tutors hold an Enhanced DBS Certificate and are signed up to the Update Service.



Time: Wednesdays 4.30-6pm
17th April, 24th April, 1st May, 8th May, 15th May, 22nd May, 5th June, 12th June, 19th June, 26th June, 3rd July, 10th July

NB: There is no lesson on the 29th May for the half term holiday.
Tutor: Becky

Time: Sundays 9-10.30am
28th April, 5th May, 12th May, 19th May, 26th May, 9th June, 16th June, 23rd June, 30th June, 7th July, 14th July, 21st July

NB: There is no lesson on the 2nd June for the half term holiday.
Tutor: Rosanna

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17 reviews for Creative Writing: Core Skills and Story Writing

  1. Kamilla

    “My daughter absolutely loves her creative writing lessons and looks forward to them every week. It’s something she is very passionate about and does like to sit down to finish her stories straight after the lessons, making sure it’s interesting, she has incorporated the new techniques, phrases they have learnt about and she really enjoys going back to her work the day after to edit and improve it. Most weeks she makes time to work on the challenges the tutor had set her. Overall she says the course is really helping her to improve her writing skills, she enjoys the interesting tasks and has learnt quite a few new words, too.”

  2. Felicity

    “My daughter attended the 12 week Creative Writing course and thoroughly enjoyed it. Her writing came on tremendously and I love that she saw it as a fun activity to go to rather than what is basically English tuition in small groups. The creative writing text book which goes with the course is great and between that and the course her writing is now a pleasure to read. She loved her course tutor as well and looked forward to going each week. I would highly recommend this course to all children between age 9 and 11 and I will definitely consider sending my son when he is the right age for the course.”

  3. Helen

    “I’ve been really impressed with Becky, hearing how engaging and energised she is in the lessons and her feedback as been amazing, very specific and detailed and very encouraging. [My daughter] has enjoyed the lessons and I can see how she is starting to think differently about how she writes.”

  4. Karolina

    “[My daughter] is very excited about her writing lessons. She’s really enjoying that time and she’s enjoying her writing with new skills. I can see her progress as I am the very first reader of her stories. That’s amazing. I can see how many new words and techniques she has learned.  She also like Becky very much. She is amazing too. Thanks for all she’s doing with the kids. [My daughter] can’t wait for new lessons and I can’t wait for more stories.”

  5. Jen

    “[My son] has really enjoyed the course and says it has been good revision for him. He is engaged in the lessons and he gets good ideas from the other children. He definitely seems more confident and is hitting his stride in time for the 11+ exams! I’ve been in the background when Becky teaches and she is so warm and positive. I don’t know how she does it!” 

  6. Faryal

    “Many thanks for your wonderful course. Today was the last lesson and [my daughter] will miss Becky in the future. Becky is a wonderful teacher . [My daughter] liked her way of teaching the most and always enjoyed every lesson. We are very pleased with her progress and looking forward for some other course in the future.”

  7. Stephanie

    “I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am at the progress [my son] is making with his writing doing your course. This week he had to complete a piece of writing for school and sat down to it without any meltdown, no fuss and wrote a great piece using all the skills you have taught and was very excited with the result – reading me out various descriptive sentences. Honestly it’s the best result of lock down for me.”

  8. Parent

    “My daughter is 9 years old and loves creative writing. She did the Bright Light Creative Writing course and absolutely loved it! The course started face to face and then moved online when social distancing measures began and both worked perfectly. The course gently introduces the children to different skills to improve their writing and as the course progresses, the skills are combined and the children begin to write their own stories. My daughter looked forward to her creative writing class each week and grew in confidence as the course progressed. She is able to identify the different techniques writers use to make their stories engaging and imaginative and to use these skills in her own writing. The course is well structured and suitable for all abilities.”

  9. Laura

    “My daughter has transitioned to the online creative writing lessons easily. The lessons are stimulating and she is always engaged with her learning. The Zoom platform makes it easy for all participants to contribute to the discussions and to share their ideas. Using on screen slides the children can follow the course and can also email their writing to the course tutor to provide further feedback. I highly recommend this creative writing course.”

  10. Parent

    “My 9 year old absolutely loved your creative writing course. Every week she built on her existing skills, she was challenged (in a good way!) and the feedback was encouraging and useful. The tutor was super friendly and the course has really helped to grow her confidence and given her the skills to write with greater depth. Thank you!”

  11. Faryal

    “A big thanks to all of you. [My son] was so pleased and excited after his Creative Writing lesson. That was the first time when he was so relaxed and excited since he started taking online classes during lockdown. Thank you so much for your help.”

  12. Karolina

    “My daughter enjoyed so much the creative writing course. The tutor was not only attentive and inspirational to her students but also provides very constructive and useful feedback for students’ homework. I have noticed a significant improvement to my daughter’s writing during and after the completion of the course. I will definitely recommend this course with its brilliant course structure and quality of tutor!”

  13. Linda

    “Could not be happier with this course, it has helped my son so much with his writing and equipped him with valuable skills and structure. I never saw a course so well designed to help children with their creative writing. My son gained a lot of confidence and felt more inspired week by week. His tutor is incredible, encouraging, clear and a delight to see every Saturday morning. A revolutionary course!”

  14. Elina

    “We would like to express our gratitude wholeheartedly for the amazing impact you have had on [our son’s] attitude towards creative writing over the past 12 weeks. Your encouraging, engaging, enthusiastic, patient and friendly style of teaching has equipped [our son] with many important language tools giving him confidence to experiment and be creative when writing stories at home and at school. Prior to this course, although he always had a vivid imagination, [our son] was dreading committing his ideas on paper. He would rush through a writing task without developing the plot and the characters. With your guidance and support, he has now developed a real love and enthusiasm for writing. Thank you, Becky!”

  15. Iram

    My daughter really enjoyed her creative writing course with Rosanna!

    It’s amazing to see such a marked improvement in her writing. She has learnt so much- we both have! The course greatly increased her confidence- no more ‘blank page syndrome’; no more frustrated cries of “I hate English!” and “I can’t do it!”

    She’s a completely different girl! 12 weeks ago she dreaded writing tasks, rated herself as “rubbish” at English and only read under duress. Now, she loves reading (and pointing out all the techniques she’s learnt) and can happily make a solid effort writing about pretty much anything (with some beautiful description!)

    Thank you so much for helping her get on track, ready for year 5. I’m hoping the enthusiasm you’ve ignited will endure and she will continue to grow.

  16. Patti M

    The Core Skills and Story Writing course is a real gem! My son’s story writing and structure has greatly improved Over the term, he’s acquired many more literary devices and overall knowledge about story structure and puts that into his writing with confidence and ease. Many of his pieces throughout the course and the progress he made, astonished me and I felt grateful to Felicia, his teacher/tutor who was able to motivate and enhance my son’s writing skills and story telling. I would HIGHLY recommend this course.

  17. Mehdi

    My daughter loved this course. Her writing ability started improving since the 3rd session and by the end of the course her works are non comparable to the ones she made 3 months ago.

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