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Creative Writing Skills


#Number 1 Best Seller in ‘Teacher Training’ on Amazon

This full colour book is designed for any child striving to develop their creative writing skills. It is particularly aimed at Key Stage Two children, including those sitting an entrance school examination such as the 11 plus and those children who are home-schooled.

“Having done 11+ with three kids over 10 years I’ve seen a lot of books aimed at creative writing. This one is by far the best on the market. The problem with many of the others is that they just give a ideas or a few examples without actually teaching, or giving the child building blocks. Writing isn’t like riding a bike that you can just expect the child to get on with it. I would definitely recommend this book. Some great simple tips and concepts are broken down in a simple way for a 10 year old to understand.” (parent)


This full colour book is designed for any child striving to develop their creative writing skills. It is particularly aimed at Key Stage Two children, as well as those sitting an entrance school examination such as the 11 plus.

The book is a combination of textbook and workbook. After learning about each technique, there is an activity for the child to work through, to consolidate their understanding.

The book is structured into three parts: developing language, developing skills and developing structure.

Some of the topics include:

  • Using figurative language effectively
  • Varying sentence structure
  • Using Show Don’t Tell
  • Creating fear and suspense

There is also a final section at the end in which the child can practise different writing tasks, using a carefully designed checklist to support them.

Reviews from Parents:

The Creative Writing book is a brilliant way to reinforce creative writing skills and, importantly, these books provide an insight for parents and kids as to what examiners expect. The book clearly explains the needed skills in a simple and clear way that kids can remember, like using the mnemonic - SHAMPOOP, which my son now remembers every time he writes. I would highly recommend these books for 11 plus and independent school preparation.” (Shabana)


“Everything you need to write a great story!  All done in a really fun, accessible way. Creative Writing Skills is really starting to help my son make sense of what's felt like an insurmountable task.  A huge 'thank you'!” (Adele)

"The Creative Writing Skills workbook is an excellent resource and helps with all aspects of creative writing. It really provides a detailed perspective on how to approach your writing and the structure and techniques to improve. Not only does it include lots of different approaches but allows you to put into practice those techniques by completing the writing tasks set. My son has really enjoyed this book and has applied the techniques learnt to his creative writing already. I am confident this will continue to act as a valuable resource, which he will refer to time and time again, in developing his writing further." (Ghazala)

"Excellent creative writing resource, interesting, easy to use and impressive results almost immediately- noticed by both tutor and teachers at 11plus level. My maths mad son has started to enjoy English (thank goodness!). Well worth buying." (Nicola)

Reviews from Tutors:

"‘Creative Writing Skills’ is a fantastic book that details everything needed to succeed in the challenging area of creative writing. There is a step-by-step guide for all you need to create a piece of high-level writing including vocabulary, language techniques, planning, and starting and ending your writing.

It offers a range of examples that support the techniques such as coming up with ideas, developing language, skills and structure. There is also a section on tasks to practise what you have learnt. This book not only helps your child but allows you to understand what is expected of your child. It is aimed at Key Stage Two pupils or those taking 11+ examinations.  As a teacher, tutor and parent whose children have successfully passed the 11+, I would highly recommend this book." (Juliet Rolls BScHons, Cantab, Founder of 'Cambridge Academic Tuition')

"The Creative Writing Skills workbook is a superb resource for tutors and parents alike. My son thoroughly enjoyed working through it as part of his 11+ English preparation." (Coriden, tutor and parent)

About the Authors:

Charlotte and Danielle are teachers dedicated to supporting children with their learning. With over ten years of teaching experience, they are passionate about finding ways in which to inspire the individual. They are now the founders and directors of Bright Light Education, a successful tutoring agency in London.