Comprehension Course


Our online Comprehension Course is for years 4-6 children and specifically aimed at children taking an 11+ examination. It is separated into five 2-hour sessions:
– An Introduction to Comprehension
– Character Analysis
– Evaluation Questions Part 1
– Evaluation Questions Part 2
– Poetry

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Time: Saturdays 1 – 3pm
Dates: 19/9/20, 26/9/20, 3/10/20, 10/10/20, 17/10/20
Tutor: Dani



Comprehension Session 1: Introduction to Comprehension

  • This is an introduction to comprehension where we guide children through strategies of reading the passage and the questions. We look at the different types of question including literal, inference, vocabulary, summary and opinion questions. We will also reinforce the crucial ‘Point, Evidence, Explain’ strategy. The children will have a chance to answer questions from real exam papers, including multiple choice questions, and we will support children in how to answer them, ensuring they are not missing out on gaining easy marks.

Comprehension Session 2: Character Analysis

  • During this session, we will focus on ‘Character Analysis Questions’ which often come up in exam papers. For example, What impression do we get of Sam from the passage? In this session we will learn what is needed to answer these types of question which will include how to answer a character comparison question using specific vocabulary to assist them in structuring their answers well. The children will tackle character analysis questions from real exam papers and look at multiple choice questions too.

Comprehension Session 3: Evaluation Questions Part 1

  • This session begins to explore the trickiest type of question in comprehension; the dreaded ‘Evaluation Questions’ which crop up time and time again in exam papers. For example, How does the writer make this part of the story exciting? These are often worth lots of marks and take creativity to answer. In this session we will look at structural features associated with evaluation questions. The children will practise commenting on structural features from real exam papers; written and multiple choice.

Comprehension Session 4: Evaluation Questions Part 2

  • This workshop follows on from Session 3 and continues to explore ‘Evaluation Questions’. In this session the focus is on language features and the children will learn to identify language features within the passage and learn how to comment on figurative language including similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification. We will explore how to structure written answers as well as attempting multiple choice questions based on these language features.

Comprehension Session 5: Poetry

  • Some 11+ exams provide a poetry comprehension and this workshop teaches the children how to analyse and evaluate a poem. We will learn to comment on what the poem is about; who the poet is addressing; why the poet is writing the poem and how the poet gets their message across. In addition, we will look at emotions, patterns and themes, as well as identifying the poetic devices used and exploring what effect they have on the reader.


Other Details:
– These workshop take place online, via Zoom.
– There will be a maximum of 6 children in the workshop.
– Once booked, places are non-refundable as stated in our Terms and Conditions.

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