James Allen’s Girls School

James Allen’s Girls’ School, or JAGS, is the oldest independent girls’ school in London.

It is proud that it attracts intelligent girls regardless of economic background and consequently offers a wide range of scholarships upon entry, including in Art and Music.

Some of its aims are to promote excellence in academic, creative and athletic endeavours as well as to encourage all pupils to develop to their full potential by stimulating their intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm and imagination.


Address: 144 E Dulwich Grove, London, SE22 8TE
Website: www.jags.org.uk
Inspector’s Report: http://www.isi.net/schools/6582/
Type of School: Independent day school for girls aged 4 – 18.
Results: In 2015, at A Level, 76.2% of entries were awarded A* or A.
In 2015, at GCSE, 93.2% of all results were A* or A.
Entrance Exam: English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning. See http://www.jags.org.uk/seniorschool/applying-to-the-senior-school/ for guidance.
Fees: £5,295 a term (2015-16)
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