How to become a Tutor

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Becoming a Tutor

How to become a tutor

Are you a qualified teacher looking for extra work or looking to move away from teaching, but stay in education? Tutoring can provide a fantastic opportunity to continue your passion for teaching yet allowing you to work at your own pace and choose your own working hours. This blog post details how I got into tutoring myself and why I love it!

I loved teaching in a school and was at the same school for over 6 years. I had moved into the management team and enjoyed both roles within and outside of the classroom. A deputy headship was on the horizon. After my daughter was born, I had to decide whether I wanted to go back to school in the same role full-time, or continue as a classroom teacher part-time. I chose the latter. It was a tough decision and I felt that my career was ‘on-hold’ for the next few years while we started a family. How lucky I was to be having a family, yet somehow I also felt rather sad that my career was taking a back seat. So when Dani approached me to start up a tutoring company, I jumped at the chance of a project, a challenge, something I could manage. It just so happened that it gave me some respite from nappies and Peppa Pig too.

Becoming a tutor allows for flexible working hours and a healthier work-life balance, but more than this, it is incredibly rewarding. If you are a passionate teacher who loves making a difference to a child’s confidence in learning, then tutoring is for you. Forget the paperwork and politics of a classroom role and focus on each child individually and unreservedly. Tutoring allows children to be confident to ask questions when perhaps in a normal classroom situation, they may not. The confidence that tutoring gives children means they begin to believe in themselves and, so often, this leads to improvement and progress of their skills and knowledge. Furthermore, through tutoring, I truly believe I have grown to become a better teacher.


Tutoring with Bright Light Education

If you are a qualified teacher wishing to tutor at home, at a client’s house or online, Bright Light Education can help. We are unlike big tutoring agencies and glad of it! Being a nice, small company, we have a personal quality. We are essentially a close-knit group of teachers who like to deliver a personal, approachable and fantastic service. At the heart of Bright Light Education is a passion for giving children confidence and providing stimulating and engaging lessons. Here are some reasons why tutors choose us:

  • We refer clients who contact us for tutoring to our available tutors, allowing tutors to sit back, relax and let the work come to them.
  • Tutors have flexibility of their own hourly rate. Essentially, they choose how much they want to charge.
  • We do not employ our tutors, so the tutors have the benefit of being self-employed.
  • Tutors are able to set their own schedule and teach when it works for them.
  • Unlike other tutoring companies, there is no joining fee.