Colet Court

Colet Court is the preparatory school for St Paul’s School and boys can join at 7+, 8+ or 11+.

St Paul’s School is for boys aged 13 – 18 and almost half of students entering aged 13 will have come from Colet Court.

The school does not believe that there is a typical ‘Coletine’ but that all boys are welcome who share an eagerness to learn and explore new challenges.


Address: Lonsdale Road, London, SW13 9JT
Website: http://www.coletcourt.org.uk/
Inspector’s Report: http://www.isi.net/schools/7334/
Type of School: Independent day school for boys aged 7 – 13.
Results: In 2015, at A Level, 81.3% of entries were awarded A* or A.In 2015, at GCSE, 97.9% of all results were A* or A.
Entrance Exam: ISEB Pre-Test and if children are successful then test in English, Maths and Reasoning. See http://www.stpaulsschool.org.uk/admissions for guidance.
Fees: £6,034 a term (2015-16) (Senior School: £7,548 a term)
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