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Children’s magazines are a great way to get your child into reading and to encourage a love of learning! There are some fantastic magazines out there for all different ages. Magazines cater for a wide variety of interests and are packed full with interesting information and fun activities. So whether your child is interested in science, nature, history, geography, stories, comics, art, crafts, puzzles, current affairs, philosophy or cooking, there is surely something for everyone! This blogpost introduces you to some of the most well-known magazines.

Let us know which ones you recommend!


Who? Ages 6-12

When? Four times a year

What? Printed on recycled paper using vegetable ink, it is coined as the ‘happy mag for kids’ and are designed to be collected and kept for years to come. It aims to fire up childrens’ imaginations with stories, illustrations and much more.

How much? £6.50/issue or £45 for 8 issues


Who? Ages 8-12

When? Monthly

What? ‘Big ideas for inquisitive kids’. This magazine aims to challenge young thinkers by looking at science, history and general knowledge. It includes challenging puzzles and contemporary artwork throughout.

How much? £55 for 12 months

Bayard Magazines: Adventure Box  

Who? Ages 6-9

When? 10 issues over 12 months

What? Promising to ‘get kids hooked on reading’, this magazine is a 44-page illustrated story which grips children with adventure, drama, action, humour and suspense. It also contains puzzles and games.

How much? £35 for 6 months (5 issues), £60 for 12 months (10 issues)

Bayard Magazines: Discovery Box

Who? Ages 9-12

When? 10 issues over 12 months

What? Discovery Box is a journey of discovery through nature, science and history and introduces children to beautiful photography, amazing inventions and historical stories. There are comic strips, activities, games, competitions and much more.

How much? £35 for 6 months (5 issues), £60 for 12 months (10 issues)

Bayard Magazines: Story Box  

Who? Ages 3-6

When? 10 issues over 12 months

What? This magazine is a great way to introduce pre-schoolers to reading and includes a full story as well as facts about the world around them, information about different animals and games and activities to keep them entertained.

How much? £35 for 6 months (5 issues), £60 for 12 months (10 issues)

Brilliant Brainz

Who? Ages 6-12

When? Monthly

What? This magazine helps children think creatively and each month has a big philosophy section to encourage children to think about some big concepts. It also covers music, health, cookery, art, books and sport!

How much? £39.99 for 12 months


Who? Ages 5 and under

When? Four times a year

What? Published by the same company that produces Anorak Magazine, this is aimed at pre-schoolers encouraging them to use their imagination and creativity.  

How much? £5.50/issue or £40 for 8 issues

First News

Who? Ages 7-14

When? Weekly

What? A weekly newspaper for children to help them understand what is going on in the world and keep up to date with current affairs. It’s aimed at making it accessible to children without being overwhelming and scary. They include happy news too!

How much? £39.99 for 6 months

National Geographic Kids

Who? Ages 6-12

When? 13 times a year

What? This is all about inspiring the next generation to protect our beautiful planet. It teaches children about the environment, animals, nature, science and history and includes competitions, activities, facts and amazing photography.

How much? £37 for 12 months


Who? Ages 3-7

When? Monthly

What? Okido is an arts and science magazine which is full of stories, activities, games and recipes, sure to keep your little one entertained! It has both independent and adult-led activities.

How much? £50 for 12 months or £30 for 6 months


Who? Ages 7-13

When? Every two months

What? A beautifully illustrated magazine packed full of articles, games, puzzles and much more. It covers all sorts of topics and isn’t restricted to one or two subjects; it purely aims to inspire your children. There’s also the opportunity for children to have their own work published too.

How much? Digital version: £6/issue or £32 for 6 issues, Print version: £33 for 6 issues


Who? Ages 3 years +

When? Monthly

What? Packed full of stories, poems, puzzles and games with the promise of no plastic toys or adverts. The magazine arrives in a special envelope too.

How much? £36.99 for 12 months

The Caterpillar

Who? Ages 7-11

When? Published four times a year (March, June, September, December)

What? The Caterpillar is all about poems, stories and art and is the daughter magazine ofThe Moth.

How much? €7/issue or €28 for 12 months

The Loop

Who? Ages 8-12

When? Every 3 months

What? The Loop is a magazine ‘for kids that like to think and make’. It aims to inspire creative and critical thinking and includes activities and competitions.

How much? £4.50/issue

The Phoenix Comic

Who? Ages 6-12

When? Weekly

What? This is a high quality comic delivered to the recipient in a special envelope every week.

How much? £59.99 for 6 months

The Week Junior

Who? Ages 8-14

When? Weekly

What? This child-friendly newspaperis filled with fascinating stories and information, written to engage curious young minds and encourage them to explore and understand the world around them.

How much? £85 for 12 months

The Week Science and Nature Magazine

Who? Ages 8-15

When? Monthly

What? This 60-page magazine is designed to inspire curiosity, ignite a passion for discovery, stimulate discussion and encourage children to protect their planet.

How much? £19.99 for 6 months, £37.99 for 12 months

Whizz Pop Bang!

Who? Ages 6-12

When? Monthly

What? Whizz Pop Bang is a science magazine, which includes experiments, science facts, puzzles and games.

How much? £3.99/issue, £20.99 for 6 months, £39.99 for 12 months.

Let us know which magazines you recommend!

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