Biggest growth of the year?

Club Hub Awards

Why Bright Light Education deserves the ‘Biggest Growth of the Year’ Award!

In January 2022 we decided to apply for the Club Hub Awards as we had been so proud of what we had achieved over the previous year. We applied for the following categories:

  • Biggest Growth of the Year
  • Female Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Independent Business of the Year

We thought it might be interesting for our clients to see just why we believe we should win these awards!

Biggest Growth of the Year

  • We are thrilled that our business made the biggest growth over the past 12 months since we first began.  
  • We are proud of the successful development of our Tutor Referral Agency. Since we took on our first tutor in July 2018, we have grown to now having 30 tutors!
  • Furthermore, we are proud of the Bright Light Education Courses we run. This spring term, we have offered more courses than ever before with a total of 13 weekly classes.
  • Finally, we are proud of the huge success of our book, Creative Writing Skills. Since launching our book on Amazon in December 2020, we have sold over 2200 books. The book recently became a “Number 1 Best Seller” on Amazon in the “Teacher Training” category and has hit 100 reviews with a 4.6/5-star rating.
Bright LIght Education

Customer Satisfaction

We measure our success not only through growth in services but more importantly perhaps, through customer satisfaction.

  • In 2021, 89% of clients stated they “strongly agreed” that their tutor was professional, was friendly and approachable, was punctual for lessons, covered the required topics, was knowledgeable about the subjects, created stimulating lessons and they would recommend this tutor to others.
  • In August 2021, we sent out an Annual Survey to all our clients. 96% of respondents stated they were “very satisfied” with the service their tutor provided.
  • With regards to our Courses, in our Evaluation Form for our longest running course (Core Skills and Story Writing), 100% of respondents in 2021 “agree” (and 80% of respondents “strongly agree”) that the structure of the course was clear; the workload was manageable for their child; the tutor was passionate about creative writing; the tutor was clear, organised, stimulated interest and gave constructive feedback; and they would recommend the course to others.
  • In our Annual Survey conducted in August 2021, 100% of respondents stated they were “very satisfied” with the course their child attended.
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