Alleyn’s School

Alleyn’s School is one of the country’s leading HMC co-educational day schools.

It is dedicated to achieving academic excellence whilst also ensuring that each individual child is supported and nurtured.

Alleyn’s School offers a wide range of co-curricular activities in sport, music and drama.

Children attending the school are described as well-rounded individuals who are self-assured, articulate and confident.


Address: Townley Road, Dulwich, London  SE22 8SU
Website: http://www.alleyns.org.uk
Inspector’s Report: VISIT HERE
Type of School: Independent day school for girls and boys aged 4 – 18.
Results: In 2021, at A Level, 92% of entries were awarded A* or A.
In 2021, at GCSE, 97% of all results were A* or A.
Entrance Exam: English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. See http://www.alleyns.org.uk/alleyn/documents/Admissions/2015_Exam_Syllabus_11.pdf  for guidance.
Fees: Approx £7620 per term (2022-2023)
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