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“Danielle has helped my daughter improve so much in maths. She’s now fully confident in all topics but also much more confident in herself! Danielle is very patient, kind and makes learning fun whether in a 121 or small group session. My daughter enjoys her sessions and never complains about going. We will be sad to say goodbye when my daughter starts secondary!”
Claire (parent)

“I recommend Bright Lights and in particular, the very competent, kind and experienced Charlotte. Charlotte has tutored our daughter and we have nothing but praise for her.”
Helle (parent)

“My son thoroughly enjoyed his English tuition with Charlotte on a one to one basis and the Creative Writing Workshop with Danielle. Both enthusiastic, encouraging and attentive teachers. My son increased his confidence and ability in the subject and I’m sure it was a factor which contributed to him gaining a place at his chosen Senior School. Thank you Charlotte and Danielle.”
Ann (parent)

“Dani is excellent tutor,understands her student and finds the best way to deliver and tailor her lesson and teaching approach. I cannot sing her praises enough and thank her for how she has built my daughter’s confidence and knowledge in her chosen subjects and successfully passing her 11+ exam.”
Blerina (parent)

“Charlotte has been a fantastic tutor to my daughter, keeping the sessions interesting and fun. The combination of small group and one-to-one sessions ensured my daughter remained enthusiastic. Charlotte fed back fully after each session and gave me resources for us to use at home to reinforce the learning process. I would highly recommend Bright Light Education!”
Claire (parent)

“Our daughter did really well in the 11+ and got offers from 4 out of the 5 schools she applied to. She’s chosen her school and I think she will be very happy there. The sessions she had with you really helped her focus on some of the tricky areas so I will definitely recommend the sessions to parents who have all of this process to come!”
Zoe, (parent)

“Hello Charlotte, thank you so much for the time you have spent with our son over the holidays, it has been invaluable.  He has really enjoyed his time spent with you.”
Ann, (parent)

“It’s been amazing having you Danielle to help our son over the past couple of years.  I think there are so many areas where you have made a massive difference …and also really boosted his confidence.  I can’t quite believe that he won’t have you any more…..don’t think that’s quite sunk in!  A huge thanks for all the very tailored work you’ve done regarding his dyslexia, all the extra reading etc and the really positive, fun ways you are always finding to make it all as enjoyable as possible. You have been amazing!”
Adele, (parent)

“Dear Charlotte. Ella was always happy to go attend one of your group sessions, which I think speaks for itself! You made the lessons fun and I appreciated you going the extra mile to give her homework on areas she found difficult. We are very happy with her 11+ outcome and feel that it was in no small part due to your help. Thank you.”
Nicola, (parent)

“Dear Dani. Thank you so much for all of your help. I know your input was essential to enable him to do so well. Aside from your wonderful individualised teaching, your general support and belief in him were so important. You have been the most consistent presence in his education since he was a young boy. Words can’t express how grateful we are. Thank you so much.”
Richard, (parent)

“Dear Charlotte. I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you. Primarily, I want to thank you for keeping me sane throughout the madness of the 11+. We couldn’t have done it without you. The confidence that you have given our daughter in maths particularly is amazing and she has gone from thinking that she is ‘rubbish’ to knowing that she can do it. I know that alone will do wonders when she starts school in September. You really have been amazing and gone above what any other tutor would have done.”
Marita, (parent)

“Dear Dani. Thank you for your amazing tutoring! Everything was fun. Anyone can get an A* with your teaching.”
Kai, (pupil)

“I highly recommend Bright Light Tuition. The quality of the tuition was excellent and my daughter always enjoyed going to her lessons. I was able to discuss her development needs with the tutor and together we came up with a tailored programme using a combination of group sessions and one-to-one lessons. I also found the support materials provided were a huge help to me as a parent, especially in areas such as comprehension and creative writing, as it helped me to understand how to coach and support her outside of her schooling and tutoring. Charlotte really cares about her students and is truly passionate about helping them to fully reach their potential. My daughter has now received her 11+ results and thanks to the help of Bright Light Tuition (and her hardwork) she has a received offers from all of her top choice schools. Thank you!”
Katherine, (parent)

” We are very grateful to have been introduced to Danielle with regards to tutoring our daughter for the 11+ exams. My daughter’s understanding of Maths has increased significantly and rapidly. Danielle is an excellent tutor, very patient, professional and firm. As a result of this, her confidence has increased phenomenally and she was able to pass her exams with very high marks to top independent schools from Ealing and beyond. I would have no hesitation in recommending Danielle’s services to anyone looking for a very friendly, professional and caring tutor. Thank you again for everything!”
Florentina, (parent)

“Our daughter is very happy Year One pupil at our local state primary. We chose the state sector deliberately because we didn’t want to overload her with pressure at a young age, and wanted her to experience a ‘normal’ and culturally diverse primary education. At the same time, we have one eye on the future and know when she gets to Year 5/6, ideally we’ll want to her to get a place at a private secondary school. We wanted to find a tutor who could keep an eye on our daughter’s progress and make sure that academically she is on course to stand a chance of passing 11+ entrance exams when it comes to it – but whilst still making the whole thing fun, relaxed, and not a chore. The best thing about her weekly visit to Charlotte is that she genuinely looks forward to it and doesn’t see it as a burden – in fact she jumps into the car and can’t wait to get there! We make Charlotte aware of what our daughter is studying at school that week and she structures the session to complement this. She absolutely adores Charlotte and this inspires her to do her best every week to try to impress her! Just an hour of extra focus each week has helped her to make huge improvements in her handwriting, reading and numeracy, and to grow in confidence. Charlotte was able to pick up on areas which – due to the size of our daughter’s class – her teacher hadn’t noticed, such as her pencil grip and, at one point, her grasp of repeated addition. Having Charlotte on hand, with her extensive educational experience (and specific knowledge of West London schools), feels like we have an expert on our side who will hopefully become a long-term partner in our daughter’s future progress, and someone we can trust to help us navigate a way through what is a rather daunting and overwhelming set of choices for any London parent. Thank you Charlotte!”
Laura, (parent)

“Our son has dyslexia and has benefited greatly from Danielle’s individualised approach to his learning. He enjoys his lessons and they clearly have a great rapport. I’m sure that her input has been a major contributor to his improved grades.”
Catherine, (parent)

“Charlotte is an amazing tutor who made a remarkable difference in Tireni’s English comprehension and writing skills. My daughter started with Charlotte in September 2016, just before her 11+ exams in January 2017. Within 5 months, my daughter grew in confidence and her concentration improved dramatically. Charlotte was patient in explaining and teaching my daughter and at the end of each lesson I got an email from her updating me about how the lesson went and areas where Tireni needs to improve. Charlotte also ran Workshops for the 11+ which were amazing and Tireni gained a lot from the whole process. Also with Charlotte’s help Tireni got offers from six independent schools and now she will be attending Putney High in September 2017. Due to my experience with Charlotte tutoring Tireni I have enrolled my younger with her. I just want say thank you so much for your effort and you definitely made a huge difference with my daughter Tireni.”
Toyin, 11+ (parent)

 “I am delighted with the tutoring experience we have had with Dani. With Dani’s support, my daughter gained a huge amount of confidence. We are grateful to Dani and would recommend her without hesitation.”
Natasha, 11+ (parent)

“Mrs Okumura is a very good teacher and my understanding and learning have improved significantly since I have been having tutorials with her.”
Alex (pupil)

“Thank you for tutoring me. Mrs Okumura is a very patient and explains things properly and repeatedly, until I completely understand. Mrs Okumura gave me the confidence I needed to do well in my new school.”
Lexi, 12 years old (pupil)

“The Creative Writing Workshop was a brilliant day. It was really fun because we learned a lot of writers’ tricks. We also did a writing test and a continuation story which you would get in an exam. This workshop is amazing and so are Danielle and Charlotte.”
Tireni, 10 years old (pupil)

“In such a short time, I have learned so much about comprehension. I’ve always found language analysis hard but now it seems as easy as kicking a football.”
Kai, 10 years old (pupil)

“The Interview Workshop was amazing. We learned so much about how to behave and how to deal with unexpected questions. It was wonderful!”
Matthew, 10 years old (pupil)

“I learned more at the Mathematics Workshop in a day than I have over the many weeks at school.”
Maya, 10 years old (pupil)

“You should come to the Comprehension Workshop because your comprehension and literacy skills will improve massively.”
Daniel, 10 years old (pupil)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I learned as much here in one day as I would at school for one week. Miss Zinzan and Miss Beharrell make learning so much fun.”
Ella, 9 years old (pupil)

“The Comprehension Workshop was fun and now I understand comprehension more.”
Daisy, 10 years old (pupil)

“I enjoyed writing stories and improving on my vocabulary during the Creative Writing Workshop.”
Lucy, 9 years old (pupil)

“I learned lots of 11+ things at the Mathematics Workshop and it really helps your understanding of 11+ maths.”
Francesca, 10 years old (pupil)

“I liked the Mathematics Workshop and I learned lots of helpful things for my exams.”
Leela, 11 years old (pupil)

“I really recommend Bright Light Tuition! The teachers are so helpful and so kind. I learned a lot of new things.”
Amelia, 11 years old (pupil)