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11+ Interview Workshop: Essential Information

Dear parents,

We are very much looking forward to the 11+ Interview Workshop. Please find all the essential information below. There is a maximum of 8 children in the workshop and the course is fully interactive.

Assignment Details:

As outlined in our Client Terms and stipulated on our course pages, we engage with self-employed tutors to provide these services on behalf of our business. The tutors running our courses and workshops are qualified teachers with exemplary references. The tutors will communicate directly with the clients regarding how they will carry out their service to you. All tutors hold an Enhanced DBS Certificate and are signed up to the Update Service.

Date and Time of Workshop: 
Please ensure you have made a note of the date and the time of the workshop. You can find the details here.

Online details:
The workshop is online. The link for the workshop will be emailed to you one week before the workshop.

Please ensure the camera and audio is switched on at all times throughout the lesson. It is vital that your child is ready a couple of minutes before the lesson, to ensure the lesson is not disrupted. For safeguarding reasons, the video should always be switched on and recording of the lesson is not permitted. Please can you also ensure that all other applications are closed on the computer, to make sure your child does not become distracted by anything else!

Payment Terms:
Payment must be made in full before the workshop commences. Course fees are non-refundable once the course has been booked.

Pre-recorded Video:
A pre-recorded video of the workshop can be emailed to you after the lesson if you need it. You will need to create a free LOOM account in order to watch the video. Sharing our videos is not allowed and usage is monitored carefully.

We hope you enjoy the workshop!

Best wishes,
Dani and Charlotte
Bright Light Education
+44 7774 102624


11+ Interview Workshop

Our online 1.5 hour workshop is for any child wishing to prepare for an 11+ interview as part of a school entrance examination. 

The workshop uses our 11+ Interview Practice Skills Book throughout. This must be purchased by the client before the workshop.

The workshop starts with some confidence boosting activities, aimed at encouraging children to think about their own qualities and what makes them special. We will try to nurture a growth mindset amongst the children so that they feel enthusiastic about participating in an interview and excited to share their knowledge, experiences and ideas with their interviewer.

Next, we will focus on reading and responding to a range of interview questions. Topics include:
– You and your family (including personal achievements); 
– You and your school (including school based activities and achievements);
– The school to which you are applying;
– Responding to unusual questions on the spot;
– Responding to moral, ethical and dilemma based questions;
– Science and maths based questions;
– Describing an image;
– Reading a poem/passage;
– Current affairs

Mock Interview:

Once you have completed the Interview Workshop, you might be interested in booking a Mock Interview. We offer a twenty minute 1:1 mock interview, held online. Only your child and the tutor will be present during this mock interview. It is recommended to take this after the Interview Practice Workshop. After the interview, written feedback will be sent via email. 

Thank you so much for the great interview sessions yesterday and today. These were so inspirational and such realistic mock interviews and we now know how to prepare the answers to these as well as think about the attitude & mindset. We practiced and revised this evening based on your feedback which is really specific, helpful and full of kind words.


“My child mentioned she really enjoyed the interview workshop. The tutor “Charlene was very thorough and enthusiastic about the interview preparation and this has helped her gain more confidence with answering the questions. We felt it was value for money too.”


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