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10 Summer Holiday Creative Writing Ideas for Key Stage 2

Here are a few ideas to keep your children writing over the summer holidays!  Happy writing!


  • My Favourite Summer Memory: Write about your most cherished memory from a past summer holiday. Describe the location, the activities you enjoyed, and the special moments that made it unforgettable.


  • A Day at the Beach: Imagine spending a day at the beach. Describe the sights, sounds, and smells of the ocean, as well as the fun activities you might do, such as building sandcastles, swimming, or playing beach games. What might the main event in your story be?


  • Exploring Nature: Share an adventure in the great outdoors during the summer. Describe a hike in the woods, a camping trip, or a visit to a national park. Write about the sights you saw, the sounds you heard, and the fascinating creatures you encountered. Did something unusual happen?


  • Summer Sports Spectacular: Pick your favourite summer sport or activity, such as swimming, biking, or playing soccer. Write about a thrilling day of practicing or competing in your chosen activity, capturing the excitement and sense of achievement. Did anything go wrong?


  • Inventive Ice Cream Flavours: Imagine creating your own unique ice cream flavours. Describe your imaginative combinations, from exotic fruits to unconventional toppings, and explain why they would be the perfect treat for a hot summer day. Could you write an advert for these?


  • Gardening Adventures: Write about planting and tending to a garden during the summer. Describe the different plants and flowers you grow, the tasks involved, and the joy of watching your garden thrive. Did you find something special in your garden?


  • Summer Reading Adventures: Share your reading adventures over the summer. Write book reviews or recommendations for your favourite summer reads and explain why other children should check them out.


  • Summer Science Experiments: Describe a fun and exciting science experiment you conducted during the summer. Explain the steps, the materials used, and the fascinating results you observed. Was it what you suspected would happen?


  • The Perfect Picnic: Imagine planning and going on a delightful picnic with your family or friends. Describe the location, the delicious food, and the enjoyable activities or games you played. Did it all end well too, or could you have a twist to your story?


  • My Dream Summer Adventure: Let your imagination run wild and create a fictional summer adventure. Write a story about an exciting quest, magical encounters, or a remarkable journey to an extraordinary place.


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